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We use risk level and skill level pricing



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Precision completed work for you is our objective.

Your satisfaction is our goal!



Agricultural building and equipment loans;

          call Gitmoir Finance now 972-768-6160

Air conditioning - -

        call Mitchell's Major Appliance Repair Service

        1-313- 460-6032  in Garland, TX (retired fireman)

Android Operating System Updates and Fixes;

Apple i-Phone Repair;

Assembly, Disassembly & Parts Re-manufacture,

Appliance Installations, Changes & Parts Replacement;

Appliance Repairs; 

        call Mitchell's Major Appliance Repair Service 

        1-313- 460-6032  in Garland, TX (retired fireman)

Arbitration Services for Construction & Real Estate;

          call Chandler, Kyoko & Akira Assoc.  972-768-6160

Art Crating;

Art Framing Repair;

Ask-4-it Miscellaneous Services;

Athletic Equipment Assembly, Disassembly & Repair;

Authorized Agent for Cirro Energy call 972-768-6160

Authorized Agent for Summer Energy  972-768-6160

Automobile mobile field service parts replacement (limited services, ask us), most anything that can be easily field serviced at your home or where you park.   

Automotive shoe-polish vandalism removal;

Azalea planting;


Bath caulking / removal & recaulking

Bath-tub surround ceramic tile repairs;

Bath heater and exhaust fan replacement or repair;

Barbecue Grille repairs, all major brands;

Barbecue Grilling Services: let us run your grille while you enjoy your guests.

Barn Owl boxes custom manufactured and sold here, ask;

Bath vanity replacement;

Blinds Hung;

Breda bed assembly: (king size 10 hours @ $65 pmhr + $40 per trip + tax) Final assembly requires 3 people;

Brick  mortar repairs;

Brickweep Screening (tm) installed (Passive pest control);

           Why pay for poison, just keep the critters out . . .

Broken hearts, who knows, maybe, we can try;

Built in Microwave installations; 

Built in oven (gas or electric) installations; 2 person team, 2 hours, typical installation.

Business electricity rate quotes, Cirro Energy or Summer Energy

Business Loans;

Business purchase consulting;

Business turn-around management;


Cabinet drawer boxes repaired or replaced;

Cabinet,  structural Repair

Cabinet knobs and handles installed;

Carpentry & custom wood milling;

Caulking & caulk removal;

Ceiling Fans Installed & Balanced;

Ceramic Tile & Grout Cleaning (steam or CLR chemical cleaning);

Certified Photo Documentation;

Certified Safety Professional;

Chain Saw work;

Chandelier repairs and LED conversions;

Chef services;

Church financing & loans:

              Gitmoir Finance 972-768-6160;

Circuit Tracing;

Cirro Energy, business electricity rate quotes, agent # 4340

Closet design & construction;

Clothes washer and dryer installation;

Computer Setup, Updates, Repair & Parts replacement;

Computer virus removal;

Commercial door weatherstrip;

Commercial Electricty Quotes in Texas;

             Cirro Energy or Summer Energy, your choice

Commercial loans;

Commercial Refrigeration Repair:

         call Mitchell's Major Appliance Repair Service 

        1-313- 460-6032  in Garland, TX (retired fireman)

Commode repair and replacement;

Construction Contract Mediation & Arbitration;

Consumer loans - - NOT OFFERED

Contract writing;

Contractor loans, Gitmoir Finance 972-7687-6160

Crazy Ant Excluder  (tm) for brick veneer homes; click here

      Why pay for poison, just keep the critters out...

Curtain Hanging;


Debt-Free Coaching;

Delivery Receiving Services for appliances or furniture; flat rate $100 per day + $25 mileage in Rockwall County or $40 mileage in all other service areas portions of Dallas, Collin, Kaufman, and Hunt Counties.

Demolition, limited to nonweight bearing walls;

Diffuser replacement: light panel and HVAC;

Dissertation  Review  & Critique, English only;

DIY (do it yourself) project instruction and supervision, labor rate schedule below applies, minimum rate $55phr door to door + $25 mileage in Rockwall County or $40 mileage in all other service areas portions of Dallas, Collin, Kaufman, and Hunt Counties.

Document format conversions;

Doctoral Dissertation Review for ESL students;

Door locks removed, installed and re-keyed.

Doors replaced;

Drapery hanging;

Driveway expansion joint filler, sales and installation;

Dry-cleaner loans;

Dryer installation;

Dry-wall hole repair;


e-Barrier thermal attic spray undercoating for roofs;

Earth Auger Services - 4" & 10" dia. up to 24" depth

EFI conversions, small engines;

Electrical circuit tracing;

Electrical fixture replacement;

Electrical wiring - - call a licensed electrician

Electrician business loans;

Electricity: your choice Cirro Energy or Summer Energy

Electronic fuel injection (EFI) conversions;

Exercise / Elipitical Machine assembly;

Note: GoldsGym elipitical machines sold by Walmart or Nordic Track brand require 2 person team 3 hours to assemble @ $65pmhr + trip fee + tax.  Disassembly requires 2 person team, 2 hours +trip fee + tax

Endoscopic non-medical camera services;

Energy Conservation;

Equipment repair;

Facia replacement: with Hardy brand concrete board.

Faucet removal & installation;

Fence painting & staining;

Field inspections:

     Safety, insurance, assets, property, inventory,     equipment, etc.

Filter changes;

Flower-bed design & planting;

Free Estimates;

Freezer Repairs:

    call Mitchell's Major Appliance Repair Service 

        1-313- 460-6032  in Garland, TX (retired fireman)

Fruit tree pruning;

Funeral Parlor loans:  Gitmoir Financial 972-768-6160

Furniture assembly;

Furniture - desk & chair repair;

Furniture - disassembly & reassembly;

Furniture - oiling & polishing (teakwood needs oiling semi-annually)

Furniture - packaging for shipment, partial or full shrink-wrap;

Furniture refinishing; disassembly, repair, sand, stain, lacquer, reassembly.

Furniture store loans;

      call Gitmoir Financial: 972-768-6160


Gas Cooktop - burner and control replacement;

Gas Grille assembly;

Gas Grille repairs, all major brands;

Gas Lamp repairs;

Gas piping - - call a licensed plumber, make sure certified as a gas fitter.

Gas Stove - - Burner and Control Replacements

Garage to living space conversions;

Garage door openers installed, lubricated & adjusted;

Garage door seals, bottom and frame seals;

Garage doorway jamb replacement;

Garage parking systems installed;

General Maintenance;

Got too much, release your clutch, others are happy on half as much !

Grout Repair, Cleaning, Re-installation;

Guest Chef services;


Handyman services;

Hole boring in soil, 4" and 10: diameter for fence posts and planting;

Home project oversight of your contractors;

Home delivery receiving services for appliances or funitureflat-rate $100 per day, 8am to 5pm, additional hours at $45 phr., $20 trip fee in Rockwall County or $40 trip fee in all other service areas portions of Dallas, Collin, Kaufman, and Hunt Counties.

House-sitting or Pet-sitting; flat-rate $100 per night 6pm to 6am , additional hours at $45 phr., $20 trip fee in Rockwall County or $40 trip fee in all other service areas portions of Dallas, Collin, Kaufman, and Hunt Counties

House Watch Services; flat rate $35 per nominal 5~15 minute visit, includes checking rural mail box, mail forwarding and checking house security.

Household harmony rules: FREE COPY via e-mail, ask.


IKEA - furniture assembly:

     - 8 drawer dresser - 5 hours @$65phr + travel + tax

Industrial Hygiene;


If you don't ask for what you want, no one else will ask for you !


Just about anything a homeowner needs;


Kiwi Vineyard management;

Knowledge: FREELY SHARED, if you ask;



Landscaper Insuance;

           Gitmoir Insurance 972-768-6160

Laptop Setup & Repair;

Lawn mowing;

Lawn trimming;

Lawn Tractor Oil Change & Mower Blade Replacement;

LED conversions;

Light Fixtures Installed or Changed;

Locks Drilled;

Lock & latch installations & changes;

Locksmith business loans;

Masonry repairs;

Mediation Services;

Microwave Oven Door Repair / Replacement;

Moen faucet cartridge replacement;

Molding installed or replaced;

Mosque Financing and Loans:

           call Gitmoir Finance 972-768-6160

Moving Assistance (furniture disassembly & reassembly);

Murphy bed assembly (king size 10 hours @ $65 phr + $40 per trip + tax)


Net-Book Setup and Repair;


Operational Review & Critique

Orchard pruning and management

OSHA Compliance Consulting;



Partner Buy-Out Business Loans;

Photo Documentation - Certified contents;

Picture Hanging;

Pizza recipes;


Playset assembly, disassembly, repairs and inspections;

Plumbing - - call a licensed plumbing contractor

Plumbing business loans;

Plumbing water or sewer leaks - - shut off your water, first call a leak detection company, then call a licensed plumber

Plumbing fixture replacement;

Practical Advise on anything; FREE

Problem Solving;

Professional glueing;

Professional mediator, arbitrator, conciliator;

Professional negotiator;

Professional reviewer;

Professional writing;

Project oversight;



Quick response


Receiving Services;

Recipe design;


Refrigerant environmental safe disposal:

        call Mitchell's Major Appliance Repair Service 

        1-313- 460-6032  in Garland, TX (retired fireman)

Refrigerator coil cleaning;

Refrigerator repair;

        call Mitchell's Major Appliance Repair Service 

        1-313- 460-6032  in Garland, TX (retired fireman)

Residential Electric service quotes in Texas; Cirro Energy

Restaurant financing & loans;

Restaurant turn-around management;

Restaurant menus;

Restaurant re-opening preparation;

Retail front door weatherstrip;

Roofing - sorry, we don't do any roofing. We do recommend that you buy self-adhesive roof underlayment and hail/wind resistant shingles and add 10 two-inch screws to each roof deck panel to increase wind resistance. If replacing your rood deck, make sure it includes a solar heat reflective barrier on the underside, which will be reflective metallic aluminum color.

Roofing Company Loans:

                call Gitmoir Financial 972-768-6160


Safety Consulting;

Safety Inspections;

Sales Tax, permanent home improvements not taxed.  For non-permanent improvements to your occupancy and lifestyle, and simply desired services, we do have to charge you Texas retail sales tax generally 8.25%.

Samsung cell-phone repairs;

Save-your-business management;

Shoe Chains for Ice and Snow, yes we sell them;


Siding Repair & Replacement;

Single Mom's home maintenance advice; FREE

Software installation and removal;

Small Engine repair;

Specification writing;

Spray painting;

Staining & stain removal;

Statistical analysis;

Steam Cleaning;

Storage Unit Locks Drilled;

Storage shed repair and painting;

Storm clean-up;

Stud detection: click here 

Summer Energy Authorized Agent;

Synagogue Financing and Loans:

               call Gitmoir Financial 972-768-6160;


Temple Loans (all religions):

              call Gitmoir Financial 972-768-6160;


Tile installation & repair;

Toilet replacement or repair;

Touch-up painting;


Training; click here

Tree & Shrub Planting & Pruning,


Turkey recipes;

Turn-around business management;


Unique problems solved;

Unique Services - - that's what we're talking about!

University Dissertation Review and Editing, English only.


Vacation house-sitting, flat-rate $100 per night 6pm to 6am , additional hours at $45 phr., $40 mileage in Rockwall County or $50 mileage in all other service areas portions of Dallas, Collin, Kaufman, and Hunt Counties.

Vanity replacement;

Venitian Blind installations;

Vineyard pruning and management;


Wall-paper steam removal;

Wall stud location;

Washing Machine installation;

Water heater replacement;

Weatherstrip replacement;

Widows home maintenance advisory: FREE


Worker's Compensation - - employer training


X-ray of materials, we can contract for it .


YES! We can do just about anything!


Zippidie Do Da, you betcha!

What if your need is not listed - - ask for it!

voice or text: 972-768-6160

fax: 760-406-4847


Service Area:

Service area limited to Rockwall County, TX and portions of Kaufman, Dallas, Hunt and Collin Counties within 1 hour drive. You can always ask if we will service your area, just e-mail us at If you are in the cities of Rockwall, Heath, McClendon-Chisholm, Fate, Royse City, Caddo Mills, Rowlett, Terrell, Wylie, Lavon, Murphy, Plano, Allen,  Parker, Richardson, Garland, Mesquite, Sasche, McKinney, Farmersville, we service your area.


Our pricing is based upon assumption of risk, the skill level needed, labor time, travel and incurred costs for material and equipment usage.

Labor, Materials, Mileage & Fees:

Estimates are free, however, maintenance projects are often on-going in nature requiring a billable hourly labor rate. Our labor rates are listed below in order of increasing skill and risk of serious injury or liability either to our craftsmen or the public associated with the task expertise desired. 

Mileage fees assessed per site visit are as follows: Rockwall County $20.00;  service portions of Kaufman, Dallas, Hunt and Collin Counties  $40.00. We generally decline service requests beyond a 1 hour drive.

Completion time requirements of less than 36 hours notice incurs a 25% express service fee surcharge.

Emergency response requested within 2 hours incurs a 50% emergency service surcharge.

Powered equipment rental & usage fees are the greater of $50 per day or any part thereof per unit or actual rental cost plus 31.25%.

Machine cutting tool, blade and bit usage fees are the greater of $35 per day or any part thereof per cutting tool or actual replacement cost plus 31.25%.

Hourly Labor Rates: (plus mileage, materials, taxes & fees)

Summer Hand Watering - $35.00 (months of April through October)

Basic- $ 40.00 Using Fixed Position Cultivating Tools, Planting, Lifting, Sorting, Carrying, Scrubbing, Cleaning & polishing by hand and trim-a slab or brickweep screening installations.

Semi-Skilled- $ 50.00 Using Mechanical Leverage and Fastener Tools, Painting, Digging, Hand Sawing, Screwing, Nailing, Gluing, Staining, Tiling, Refinishing

Skilled- $ 65.00 Power Equipment Operation, Assembly, Disassembly, Cabinet & Furniture Assembly, Repair, Design, Build or Remanufacture, DIY instruction and project supervision.

Attic Work - $85.00 phr unless higher technical rate applies.

Technician- $ 95.00 Electrical, Electronic, Computer Repair, Equipment Repair, Software, Data Recovery, Wiring, Plumbing, modify or replace

High Risk-$155.00 Ladder or powered equipment work above 10ft, electrical panel work, roof work, any potential imminent danger to life or health (IDLH) hazardous exposure.

Certified- $225.00 Certified Safety Professional, Loss Control Representative, Mediator, Arbitrator, Technical Writing / Contract Spec’s, Inspections, LO-TO Instructions

v/text: 972-768-6160


About us:

A to Z Home Services, a service division of Hygeia Group LLC, founded in 1999, provides exclusive services for homeowners, Realtor’s and business owners who need the services of a professional craftsman and problem solver to conduct general repairs and minor improvements, or to prepare a home or business for resale, re-occupancy or to accomplish periodic updates.


 Check, cash or money order. Any payment of less than the total due is assumed to be an election and acceptance of offered short term finance. Short term finance requires a minimum monthly payment of 25% of the outstanding cumulative balance from all open invoices financed over a period not to exceed 4 months. Monthly interest assessment is 3% of the outstanding balance due over 30 days. Annual Percentage rate is 36%. All payments due the 1st of each month. Payments postmarked on or before the 5th of each month will avoid late fees assessed @ $50 per month in addition to monthly interest. Short term accounts must be fully paid within 4 months of the date of service completion to avoid collection proceedings. After 30 days from last date of service, Mechanics Liens may be filed for any financed or otherwise outstanding amount. Any account upon which no payment has ben made for 45 days may be sent to a credit collection agency. Mechanic's liens, if filed, will be released upon full payment. Mechanic's Liens unpaid after 60 days will be forclosed. Failure to make a monthly payment accelerates the financing to be immediatly due in full and credit record agencies will be notified. Any intended sale or transfer of the title to the real property upon which work has been performed before full payment is completed causes the entire remaining balance to be due immediiately before closing. All disputes referred to third party mediation. These terms replace all previous terms offered. This offer of financing is by our parent company, Hygeia Group LLC, an equal opportunity lender.

We reserve the right to decline to provide services or financing to any client.

We specialize in making challenging repairs to custom and one-of-a-kind executive homes, repairing party damage, updating decors and accomplishing tasks that take ingenuity, resourcefulness and craftsmanship to resolve.

Specialty business needs are no problem, we contract to accomplish just about anything from raw build-out to failing business turn-around managment consulting.

When you want the best service possible and you have to have it now, call My-Guy.Biz


Workmanship warranted to be good, merchantable and fit for normal use at time of delivery.

Materials, Mark-Up & Retail Sales Tax:

Feel free to buy your own materials. When we buy materials, every attempt is made to buy at wholesale pricing, sometimes that is not posssible or realistic.  Our mark-up is 31.25%. There is no retail sales tax on permanent installed home improvements, however, for all other services we must collect 8.25% retail sales tax.

Franchises Available:

Reserved territory franchises available for all other areas not listed herein. For more information contact us at

v/text: 972-768-6160


updated September 29,2014                  

 A to Z Home Services is a Collin County, TX, registered DBA of:                                                                                                           

A to Z Home Services will match any other incorporated service providers written quote.  Just scan the quote and send us a copy via fax or e-mail.   

A detailed description of our labor rates is provided herein, just scroll up to find.